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Teacher and Parent Resources

3rd-5th Grade School Kit

3rd-5th Grade School Kit

Students learn how to cross the street safely and understand common traffic signs and signals.

6th-8th Grade School Kit

6th-8th Grade School Kit

Students learn how to make themselves visible when bicycling and walking and use predictable behaviors to safely share streets.

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

Parent/Caregiver Involvement

A flier and letter for parents/caregivers offer tips for modeling safe bicycling, walking and driving behavior.

Protecting our region’s children is a key focus of the Look Out Texans campaign.  
Free school kits include resources to educate elementary and middle school-aged students about pedestrian and bicycle safety.

School kits for 3rd - 5th grades and 6th - 8th grades were created with input from North Texas educators. The teacher guides/lesson plans reflect Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) standards for physical and health education through the following materials:


  • Teacher guide/lesson plan

  • Online instructional videos for the classroom

  • Safety knowledge and skills quiz

  • Classroom activities

  • Student safety pledge

  • Safety tips for parents and caregivers

Lesson plan videos, classroom materials and safety tips for parents and caregivers are also available in Spanish.

Look Out Texans – Bike, Walk, Drive Safely launched in October 2015. The campaign encourages North Texans to watch out for one another and offers specific tips to bike, walk and drive safely together.

Additional Resources for Teachers and Parents/Caregivers


Fitting a Bicycle Helmet >>>
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration on properly fitting bicycle helmets


Jenny’s Neighborhood >>>

A fun and educational game that teaches basic bicycle safety skills to prepare kids for a safe and active summer.

Safe Routes to School Brochure >>>

Tips for starting a Safe Routes to School program at your school. (Spanish)

School Zone Safety Tips >>>

Information on school zone laws and tips for parents on how to keep kids safe in the school zone.

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Videos: 3rd - 5th Grades

Lesson Plan Extension
Pennsylvania Department of Transportation video, Walk This Way: Pedestrian Safety for Young Children

Videos: 6th - 8th Grades

Lesson Plan Extension
Texas Department of Transportation Video: Safety Bling! Bicycle Lights and Helmets

Lesson Plan Extension
City of Edmonton Lego Video: Awareness and Left Turns for Cyclists

Lesson Plan Extension
City of Edmonton Lego Video: Riding and Driving to Safety

Lesson Plan Extension
City of Edmonton Lego Video: Bike Attitude

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